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New Book has been released!

‘Céramiques Japonaises Contemporaines’: The Great book about Japanese contemporary ceramics has been released by French publishing company ‘iki’!


In the book, 55 Various Japanese Ceramic Artists are featured.
and What a Honor!! My works and I are featured as well for 4 Pages!!

Bit of a sneak peak…



This Great book evokes my huge passion and love for Ceramic art.

For all the Art&Craft Lovers.


Bottled Stories

Bottled Stories (2016-)



The artist is known for her highly decorative works but in this collection,

She radically breaks her tradition.

Her new collection; ‘Bottled stories” is about the pure beauty of the materiality.

Porcelain on the one hand is processed quartz, and traces of the origin are not easily recognizable. The vessel as a symbol of traditional use of porcelain represents the everyday usage of this material.

On the other hand, its opponents, pure minerals are taken as they developed by nature. Both evolutions, the natural and the crafted one meet in Makiko’s work.

Each objet consists out of a simple form made of porcelain which is linked to a raw mineral. Both emphasize each other both shows the beauty of each other, both play each other.

When they meet their worlds collide but in an Astonishing way belong to each other.

One is the mirror of the other, both belong together.

The fabulous diversity of one origin is shown in a cruel but still complimentary way.

The observer is directly taken to an intellectual battlefield between raw and the constructed.

This leads him to manifold conclusions and questions.

Has Mankind really developed or are we not still facing the abyss of the raw and wild within each of us.

Trophy Animals

Trophy animals (2008-)

As symbol of power and wealth; the Trophy appears as the Human Vanity.

Humans present their hunting success as an ornament and take them into their interior decoration.

As unstuffed Animals, their eyes are staring into space and can be interpreted like laughing at humans fatuousness or they might even curse their own fate.

In this collection, I recreated animal trophies by Ceramics which have been used for Ornaments throughout ancient times.

How do we look like, as humans, from the perspective of the trophy? As ugly creatures that are covered by limitless desires.





Picture 137
Picture 137
Picture 059
Picture 059


100 years after the party

100 years after the party (2011)

100years after the tea party

and then there were none

Yet shadow has vanished

All the cakes all the flowers all the colors are opened to the wind, swept by the wind

The sound of bud opens itself breaks the silence

And tea set is left behind the time…


The collection which is inspired by British romanticism and my experience when I visited an Old Manor House in the UK, is about the long lapse of Time and Ceramics materiality which remain even after the long long time.


In this collection I deploy the tea set form and by partly destroying it, demonstrate the original dynamism of the material.

There is a strong contrast between the added flowery decoration and the destroyed part.

They look totally opposite yet show the various potential and possibility of the Ceramics expressions.








Exhibition info @Gallery KCUA, Kyoto



I take a part in the Exhibition; Moon light reflected on the water surface …among Those intangible…

at Gallery KCUA, Kyoto, Japan.

27th June 2015-2nd Aug, 2016.

Artist: Junko Kido, Asae Soya, Makiko Nakamura, Mayako Wada, Junko Kido

official website

From the Curator….

The number of female students enrolled at Kyoto City University of Arts has continued to increase

and is now approaching 90 percent of all students. This trend can be seen, to varying degrees,

in art schools throughout the whole country.

However, despite this trend, the number of female artists have not increased significantly.

So what are female art school graduates aiming towards? What direction are they heading?

Taking these questions as a starting point, this summer we will hold the exhibition and event project “Moonlight reflected on the water’s surface”.

First of all, we should introduce the spirited artist who are showing work in the exhibition:

Junko Kido, Asae Soya, Makiko Nakamura, and Mayuko Wada. Junko Kido makes installation work that calls out to the viewer’s sensitivity by utilising the power of place through repeated interaction with the the space. Asae Soya uses everyday, familiar objects as a motif which she expresses through color and light. However, in recent years she has also ventured into the world of installation and painting. Makiko Nakamura creates ceramic work that takes on a blend of the mundane and the unusual, and in recent years she has worked on a series that fuses the Japanese sense of aesthetic for finding beauty in imperfection and subtlety with references to Western motifs. Finally, Mayuko Wada uses various approaches, unrestricted by size, in order to visualise the consciousness and thought of things that lack substance.

In this way, the four artists represented in this exhibition use various techniques to produce work that allows us to capture a physical sense of the elegance that is overlooked in our everyday experience. Our world is not simply made up of things that can only be seen with our eyes. The four participants offer us a glimpse of the invisible things, the existence of which surely forms a part of the reality of our world. By trying to capture these invisible fragments of “now”, these women continue to develop the world of their own artwork. Paul Klee once remarked that the essence of art is to make things possible to be seen, not merely the reproduction of what we can already see. Without a doubt, the women represented in this exhibition are presently gazing upon the real essence of art.

Furthermore, in addition to the internationally active artists taking part in this exhibition, there are various events being held on the theme of “now” which are focussed on graduates of Kyoto City University of Arts. For example, taking the idea of “art is that which is studied at art school”, there will be a talk event held by art school graduates that are engaging in occupations other than that of an artist. These various talk events that touch on the career paths of female art school graduates will be a chance to recapture the idea of the “now” which includes the point of view of those attending. Contained in the Japanese expression kyo-ka-sui-getsu (flowers reflected in a mirror and the moon reflected on the water’s surface) is the idea of something that is visible yet has no substance: a beauty that cannot be described or captured. This is often defined as a metaphor for a fleeting vision, yet surely there is a more profound meaning to the expression. The women chosen for this exhibition, and in fact all of us alive today, face this idea of not being able to grasp what we see, or not being to describe what we feel. Through this, the various forms of “now” are shaped. The idea of the moon reflected in water does not just reference a vision soon to be gone, but it is more deeply connected with the various backgrounds of people. Although this image of the moon flickering on a multicoloured water surface may be an elegance we overlook in our daily lives, it is surely a thing of true existence that we are able to come across. Perhaps within this existence we may just be able to find a clue to our direction in life.

We are eagerly awaiting many visitors for both the exhibition and the events.

My works are spotted on the Book!


My work is featured on the newly published book: ‘Porcelain (new ceramics)’ by Vivianne Foley from Bloomsbury publishing which is Famous for Harry Potter series!!!

it is in English, but even if you cannot read English,
I am sure  you can enjoy the book since there is a lots of beautiful images included!

If you have a chance, please have a look! It’s really nice book indeed!!

You can buy it from Amazon .uk

Exhibition at Gallery KISSTHEDESIGN

I am pleased to announce that I am taking a part in the exhibition ‘CERAMIQUE I’ at Galerie Kissthedesign in Lausanne, Switzerland

with Béatrice Durandard, Chris Kabel, Thomas Koenig & Adrien Chevalley, Tomas Kral, Nicolas Le Moigne, François Ruegg, Matteo Zorzenoni, Dimitri Bähler, Martin Hyde, Bitossi!

The exbition will be held during october 18-Decenber 21.

Don’t miss it!
More informations about the exhibition:

Exhibition info at Ibaraki Ceramic Museum, Japan


I will take a part in the exhibition at Ibaraki Ceramic Museum, Japan.

‘Fantastic, enjoyable Contemporary Ceramic Art’ ! exhibition.

as Title shows, this exhibition is not only the art lover but for kids as well.

Come along with your kids! There will be some unique workshops for kids!

21.Juni-23.Sep.2012 at Ibaraki Ceramic Museum

Official Site (Japanese only)

I will exhibit some pieces from Animal Trophy collection.




Makiko’s works including new tableware collection will be shown in TENT London,

which is one of the biggest design show during London Design week.

You can find my pieces at Stand ‘G09’ which is the stand of press agent ‘Epha3’.

Look forward to seeing all of you in TENT London!

TENT London
22-25th Sep@Old Truman Brewery London, E1
For more information, visit

MAKIKO is on Dazeen!


I am so honored to announce that…

My collection, ‘100 years after the party’ is now featured by Dazeen

one of the most popular and influential architecture and design blog on the internet. 

To read the full article, click here (opens in a new tab)



Makiko will exhibit her new collection in Graduate show of Royal College of Art:

one of the most famous art and design University in the world.

Please come and check Makiko’s latest Collection!!!

24th June- 3rd July
@ Royal College of Art
Kensington Gore

The project for Alexander McQueen’s Paris Collection!




 The project for Alexander McQueen 2011-12 AW by Makiko and Sun Ae Kim was shown in Paris on 8th March 2011.

The dress made of more than 1000 fragments of the porcelain was amazingly beautiful!!!

Thank you for Team Alexander McQeen finding me and offering me the project.
and Special Thanks to….
Marina, Georgi, Dominik, Hideki-san, Moo, Manifold studio members, MCQ’s staff
You guys are awesome! I couldn’t make it without your help!!!!!!