New Book has been released!

‘Céramiques Japonaises Contemporaines’: The Great book about Japanese contemporary ceramics has been released by French publishing company ‘iki’!


In the book, 55 Various Japanese Ceramic Artists are featured.
and What a Honor!! My works and I are featured as well for 4 Pages!!

Bit of a sneak peak…



This Great book evokes my huge passion and love for Ceramic art.

For all the Art&Craft Lovers.


Bottled Stories

Bottled Stories (2016-)



The artist is known for her highly decorative works but in this collection,

She radically breaks her tradition.

Her new collection; ‘Bottled stories” is about the pure beauty of the materiality.

Porcelain on the one hand is processed quartz, and traces of the origin are not easily recognizable. The vessel as a symbol of traditional use of porcelain represents the everyday usage of this material.

On the other hand, its opponents, pure minerals are taken as they developed by nature. Both evolutions, the natural and the crafted one meet in Makiko’s work.

Each objet consists out of a simple form made of porcelain which is linked to a raw mineral. Both emphasize each other both shows the beauty of each other, both play each other.

When they meet their worlds collide but in an Astonishing way belong to each other.

One is the mirror of the other, both belong together.

The fabulous diversity of one origin is shown in a cruel but still complimentary way.

The observer is directly taken to an intellectual battlefield between raw and the constructed.

This leads him to manifold conclusions and questions.

Has Mankind really developed or are we not still facing the abyss of the raw and wild within each of us.